Works like a debit card, rewards like a credit card.

Instead of resenting those lucky, money-making bastards with the fancy card, become one.


Use your Tend Visa debit card and get up to 15% back at thousands of retailers, from CVS to Buffalo Wild Wings. And find the best deals on over 200,000 items, curated daily from top retailers, like Macy’s, Walgreens, and Best Buy. All the money-saving benefits of bargain hunting, with way less time hunting for bargains.


Find sweet travel deals and earn up to 15% cash back when you book hotels, flights and rental cars on the Tend travel platform.


Cash Back

Get Paid

Don’t fret the dive bar.

You won’t get charged any fees when you use your Tend debit card at over 37,000 ATMs nationwide.^

Card (and germ) free payments.

Turns out that fancy tap-to-pay technology isn’t just for fancy credit cards—it’s for Tend members, too. And (Coming soon) you’ll also get access to Apple Pay and Google Pay, so you won’t even have to get your card out of your wallet.

Ready to join?

Managing your money shouldn’t come with hidden fees, lousy service or stress headaches. Let’s feng shui your banking experience—for $9.95/month.
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^ The Tend debit card can be used for free at over 37,000 ATMs in the MoneyPass Network. Tend does not charge ATM fees, but some ATM providers may charge fees of their own, which are not reimbursed.

^^ Cashback deals on Tend purchases, including categories, merchants, and percentages, will vary and must be selected in the app. Cashback will be applied automatically after the travel dates or final transaction posts, which may be up to 90 days after the qualifying purchase or travel event.