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Tend Shares, our revenue sharing program, adds an entirely new revenue stream to your finances.

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Lebron and AD. Coffee and milk. Your money and Tend.

We believe together is always better off. And this whole banking thing works best when it’s community-focused, and community-led. That’s why we share our revenue with our community through Tend Shares.


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Everyone Wins

Earn monthly payouts, forever.

Every month, you’ll earn a cash payout based on the number of Tend Shares you own – for as long as you and your referrals are members. Get more Tend Shares by simply turning on direct deposit or referring friends and family. The more shares you have, the more money you earn. Money loves company, after all.

Sometimes, more really is more.

They say it takes money to make money, but with Tend, all it takes is friends. We’ll give you a free month of Tend every time one of your referrals join Tend. On top of this, you’ll receive a $50 bonus when you’ve referred 12 friends who become members, and $100 when 24 of your friends become members*. This is all in addition to your monthly Tend Shares payout.

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Managing your money shouldn’t come with hidden fees, lousy service or stress headaches. Let’s feng shui your banking experience—for $9.95/month.
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Tend is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC.