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A new kind of digital personal finance platform designed to make finding financial wellness easier, faster, and more human.

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The Tend app is a secure-savings-direct-depositing-p-2-p-and-(Coming soon)-international-transferring-all-in-one money moving machine.

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Get the best members-only deals on travel, up to 15% cashback, and deep discounts at top retailers with the Tend Visa debit card.

Chat. Connect. Thrive

Join The Green to talk money hacks, tips and tricks and weigh-in on where Tend goes from here.

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Add revenue streams to your finances by earning Tend Shares, our shared revenue program.

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Get it all for a flat $9.95 a month. Period. No surprises. No headaches.

We bank better together.

When it comes to banking, we believe in the power of ‘we.’ That’s why Tend isn’t just designed to help members take control of their finances – our unique community model puts members in control of where we go from here and rewards them with a portion of our monthly revenue. Because we believe when more people can Tend to their money, things Tend to get better for more people.

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Direct deposit

Get a free month and earn cash monthly with your first Tend Share. And (Coming Soon) get your paycheck sooner.

Limitless rewards

Earn cashback when you spend at thousands of shops – online plus in-store – and on global travel.

Line of credit

(Coming soon)
Access up to 75% of the amount in your savings as a secured line of credit, just in case.

Peace of Mind

Automatically get a $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance for a little extra peace of mind.

Earn extra cash for spending, saving and swimming in.

Who says you need an expensive credit card to access deep discounts and generous cashback offerings? Definitely not us. With Tend cashback deals on retail and travel, you’ll save money just by living your life.


How much do you spend on shopping per month?


How much do you spend on travel per year?


On average, how many overdraft fees do you pay per year?


How many out-of-network ATM fees do you pay per month?


How many members would you refer per year?



*This is an estimate for illustration purposes and does not guarantee a certain amount of earnings or savings.

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Managing your money shouldn’t come with hidden fees, lousy service or stress headaches. Let’s feng shui your banking experience—for $9.95/month.
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^ The Tend debit card can be used for free at over 37,000 ATMs in the MoneyPass Network. Tend does not charge ATM fees, but some ATM providers may charge fees of their own, which are not reimbursed.

^^ Cashback deals on Tend purchases, including categories, merchants, and percentages, will vary and must be selected in the app. Cashback will be applied automatically after the travel dates or final transaction posts, which may be up to 90 days after the qualifying purchase or travel event.